Find the quietest places in a noisy world

The map, the content, and everything you need to improve your health and focus while escaping the noise that damages our health, especially in big cities.

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A repository where you can find calm in the whirlwind of daily life that many of us lead. Areas that bring us calm at a glance. Great idea, better execution.

Alberto Álvarez from The Macro Wizard
Alberto Álvarez
The Macro Wizard
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Discover your oasis of silence. Our spaces are exclusive, reserved only for those who appreciate tranquility. Each location is carefully reviewed to maintain authenticity and prevent overcrowding.


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Kalm is designed to help you…

  • Find quiet places in the world's loudest cities for your peace of mind.
  • Improve your focus and concentration amid digital distractions and daily stress.
  • Improve your physical and mental health by taking advantage of the benefits of silence.
  • Connecting with a community that shares your values of seeking inner peace and authenticity in a digital environment.
Our mission

Saving silence, focusing minds

Hey! We're Alberto and Marga👋, two people in search of tranquility.

We believe in savoring life's moments, taking time to observe and explore the world, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

We created Kalm because we want to bring a moment of pause to a society that often rushes past the beauty of life, missing out on many remarkable experiences and, most importantly, jeopardizing its health in the process.

Our goal is clear: to reclaim the invaluable resource of silence and provide a sanctuary for those seeking focus and connection in the midst of chaos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you need? Contact us by email.

Is Kalm free?

No, for two reasons.

The first is that we know that places where calm is a (very) precious and we want to protect them.

The second is that you support our work, helping us to continue the project and cover its expenses.

Will the price always be the same?

No! The price increases each time places, content, and collections are added.

Therefore, the price you see today will always be the lowest.

Do you offer Lifetime Pass discounts?

No, we do not make offers because we want to take care of the people who people who have subscribed and supported us from the beginning.

Therefore, the price you see today will always be the lowest.

If I contribute to all 5 location, will I have instant access to the map?

No, and for a good reason: to preserve the authenticity of the places. We review all submissions to ensure quality and and prevent spam.

Need immediate access? Get your lifetime pass with just one payment - for life.

Is Kalm only available on the web?

Yes, but just for now 😏.

Can I get a refund?

Once you have access to the map, Kalm is yours forever, so it cannot be refunded.

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We know that in a noisy world, there are hidden sanctuaries of silence.
Share your kalm places with all of us and help us to spread the silence while focusing minds.

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