Saving silence, focusing minds

Welcome to Kalm, where tranquillity meets technology, and silence becomes a sanctuary.

In a world buzzing with noise, we are on a mission to save silence, focusing minds and empowering a generation to reclaim their mental space.

Quieting a World of (Digital) Noise

Our purpose is clear: to rescue the invaluable resource of silence, offering a haven for those seeking concentration and connection amidst the chaos. We understand the challenges faced by our generations - the constant buzz, elevated anxiety, and the struggle to find moments of calm.

We provide tools and curated content that raise awareness about the impact of noise on health. By guiding individuals on how to mitigate distractions, we enable them to feel better, calmer, and healthier. Our aim is to enhance attention spans and focus by offering respite from the noisy distractions of modern life.

The values that drive us

  • Committed

    We learn through innate curiosity to be better and to contribute to others. We learn through doing, thinking, trying and making mistakes. Rectifying and trying again until we succeed. We are open-minded and nonconformists by nature.

  • Authenticity

    We believe in being genuine, transparent, and true to ourselves. Our actions, recommendations, and shared experiences reflect our real, first-hand encounters, fostering a trustworthy and reliable relationship with our community. We are like you, and we aspire to create an environment free from algorithms, trends, or viral distractions.

  • Empathetic

    We understand and share the feelings of those we serve. By putting ourselves in others' shoes, we create content, tools, and spaces that genuinely address their needs, promoting a sense of connection and understanding.

Who we are

We are two individuals seeking calm.

We believe in living life slowly, enjoying it by observing and exploring the world, and not taking it too seriously.

We created Kalm because we want to bring a pause in a society that lives too fast and misses too many interesting things and, above all, loses its health along the way.

  • Alberto Gallego

    Silence Engineer Website

    Alberto Gallego
  • Marga Camps

    Overthinker & Quiet Comms Manager X (Twitter)

    Marga Camps

Unlock the power of silence

Join us and embark on a journey to reclaim mental space, focus your mind, and find tranquility in a world that never stops. Ready to experience a less noisy life?

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